BLOG: European Championships

Hey everyone, well.. what an interesting (nearly 2 weeks) trip to Manchester... i will start with the badminton.. another fantastic tournament for me (in some ways). I had a bye in my 1st round so i was already in the 2nd round and i would meet the 7th seed from Holland Eric Pang. I have played Eric quite a few times before and i have never beaten him. I have been in 3 sets most of the time.. so it has always been close.. but this time was different.. this time i came out on top... i played a great match... until the end of the 2nd.. i got quite nervous when i was leading.. and let him back into the game.. and actually he had 3 set points... but i came back and took and won the set and the match 21 10 23 21. I was extremely happy with that win and that put me into the 3rd round against Kestutis Navickas from Lithuania.


BLOG: Dutch Open

Well well well.. what can i say... i just got home from another unbelievable tournament where  i played fantastic yet again. Unfortunately i lost in the final again.. which i am ofcourse very disappointed with.. but i have to look at this as being very positive.. i am not putting myself in the position to win these tournaments. My 2nd final in 2 tournaments.. i have to be happy with that!!


BLOG: Training Training Training!!!

Firstly sorry for not updating in the last few weeks.. i have been pretty busy with my new training program.. and also my internet has not been the most consistant the last few weeks.. anyway.... to start it off.. the exhibition was great. hk and i had a great time that evening.. i hope everyone who came to watch enjoyed it as much as we did!!! i arrived back to denmark sunday evening late after spending the weekend in dublin, and my new training program started 9 o clock monday morning.


BLOG: Scottish International.. Positive in all aspects!!!

I have just arrived back in Denmark after a being in Scotland for the week playing in the Scottish International Open.


BLOG: Norwegian Open

Im in Norway this week competing in the International Challenge rated Open here. These tournaments are always pretty tough with sometimes two matches in one day and that was the case today. In my opening match I played Kasper Ispen of Denmark. I had a lot of confidence going into this game as I have been playing well lately. I also beat Kasper 4 weeks ago in a team match so I knew I could beat him and on top of that I have been training very well lately. I have been working on a lot of things that are helping my game and helping my confidence. I new what I needed to do to beat Kasper and my tactic worked perfectly I stuck to my game plan, remained very focused and came out on the right side of a 21-16 21-8 win.


BLOG: Bitburger Open

Im here in Sarrbrucken Germany at the Bitburger Open which is rated Grand Prix on the European Tour. This tournament is a long established tournament and is one that many of the best players from around the world like to come and play.