BLOG: Us Open

Hey everyone, Sorry for the late  update here. My laptop was not working well so i couldnt save any blog updates until i got back and got it fixed. So i have all that sorted now and now its time to write a bit about how it went in US Open.


BLOG: Vancouver and now on to LA

Well a little update after my trip to Vancouver and now i am here in LA. Last week was hard for me.. to travel a long way and not perform well. I really thought hard about my match and thought about what i need to change and what i need to do better to be ready for US Open this week.


BLOG: Candian Open first round

Well tonight it didnt go so well for me.. I lost 21 18 15 21 12 9. I didnt feel good at all during the game not even in the 2nd set when i won 21 15. It is very strange as i have been feeling good in practise coming up to my match tonight. I have focused a lot on my physical side of the game right up to leaving for this trip and once i arrived here i focused fully on getting as many matches as possible as i didnt have many while i was training in denmark.

BLOG: Hello from Vancouver...

Well now I am here after a long day of traveling. I started my day on Friday morning at 5 o clock.. First I had a 2 hour flight from Copenhagen to London. After the 2 hour flight I had a 2 hour wait in London before taking my flight to Vancouver which took 9 hours. I was not really looking forward to the flight but in the end it worked out fine. It seemed very short actually as i slept 3 or 4 times for around an hour each time. That and watching some movies was a good way to pass time!!! I arrived in the hotel here at 1400 on Friday afternoon and I met my friend Martin Bille and we decided we would do some training. After relaxing 1 hour i went to the gym and went for a light run for 15mins just to get my legs moving again and then at 1730 I went to the badminton hall and trained with Martin for 45mins.


BLOG: Preparing for my trip to Canada and US

Hey everyone, Well its been a while since i last did a blog update.. a lot of things have been going on recently. I have had an injury in my foot since after the European champs in Manchester in April. That is fully better now and i am back into 100% training. It did cause me to have a couple of weeks off from badminton as the pain was not going away at all but thankfully now it is fully recovered!!


BLOG: Romania Open

Hey everyone, I have just arrived back to denmark after a good 4 days in Romania. I have never played there before so i didnt know what to expect when i arrived but i must say it was a great tournament. The hall was well organised and the hotel was very nice!! In Romania i was seeded 2nd and i met Sebastian Rduch from Germany in the 1st round.. I had never played him before but i new his style of play was very defence. I started out great.. attacking a lot when i had my chance otherwise waiting for my chance.. I took the first set 21 12. In the 2nd i continued playing well.. very focused and creating a lot of chances for myself.. i was leading 16-10 and feeling very comfortable. All of a sudden it was 17-15 and he was back in the game.. i let him back because my focus had dropped. I was able to close out the 2nd 21 18 and that put me in the 2nd round.