BLOG: Czech Open Final

Hey everyone, Well last week was an interesting and exciting week. Czech Open was the first time in quite a few years where i have played singles and doubles in the same tournament. The reason for me playing doubles was because Tony is away in India and i thought it would be fun to play a tournament with Sam and i also thought it would take my mind of the singles a little bit and that it did!! First up in the singles was Ashley Moss from Australia.


BLOG: Autumn Open and Czech Open

Sorry for the delay in getting this blog up.. seems like my days are getting shorter and shorter. Last week i was back in Ireland to play Autumn Open. I decided to play this tournament for a few reasons. Firstly – I have never won Autumn Open before and i wanted to J and i figured that it would be a good lead up to Czech Open for some confidence. To me it doesnt really matter what kind of tournament it is.. If i win i will still get the same feeling. The last time i played it was when i was 15/16(i had my 16th birthday on the saturday of the tournament) I lost in the quarter final to Nigel Boyne in 3 sets.


BLOG: Been a while since my last blog....

Well its been some time since my last blog. I last updated here after my defeat at Bitburger Open and i that match is still on my mind in some kind of way. I should ofcourse should just forget about it and move on but for some reason i am finding it hard to do after this match.


BLOG: An early exit from Bitburger Open

What a nightmare... I lost this afternoon in 2 sets to Eetu Heino from Finland. I cant really understand what happened in there as I really felt good leading up to this week after last week.


BLOG: World Championships Paris 2010

Well unfortunately i lost my match on tuesday against  Hsuan Yi Hsueh in two sets. I lost 21 16 21 14. I had never seen him before and I had watched a video of him play on monday and I really thought that his level was not that high after watching the video. So when i went in there i got a big surprise as he was very good and his attack was absolutely insane.


BLOG: Draw for World Championships 2010

Hey everyone, Well the draw is out now.. The tournament will start on monday.I will play on Tuesday at 11:10. Up first i will meet a guy from Chinese Taipei called Hsuan Yi Hsueh.