22 Aug 2011 - Apologies again for the lack of writing..

Well it has again been some time since i last wrote a blog.. i guess im getting good at leaving quite a bit of time between each blog.


Back in June i played Lithuania Open where i lost in the final. I had a good tournament and was happy with how i played.. unfortunately the final didnt go my way but i learnt a lot from the tournament and its always nice to make a final.


Next up was Russia Open where i really had a hard time. I had a bad feeling in training leading up to the tournament that i really needed to have a break away from playing and felt like i needed to really re-charge my batteries again but i also new that i had to dig deep to train as hard as i could and go to Russia looking for a result. I was seeded which meant i had an ok draw till the 3rd round where i would meet 1 of the best from Singapore. I lost in the 3rd round in 2 sets and having a close 2nd set and feeling after the game that if i had of won the 2nd set i would have had a great chance to win the 3rd as i could feel my game was coming together. Straight after Russia i took 1 week holiday which i really felt i needed. It was not the best time to take a holiday as i would only have 3 weeks training before the worlds, but i new that if i didnt take a holiday, i would really struggle to be 100% for all my training sessions leading up to the worlds and come my 1st match in the worlds i wouldnt be fresh at all. So i had a chat with my coach and we both decided it was a good idea i took a holdiay and when i got back i would be 100% ready for go absolutely crazy for 3 weeks before the worlds. Thats exactly what i did. I had an absolutely fantastic holiday and was so ready for training when i got home. I trained really well up to the worlds and felt like i played close to my best. I lost 2nd round to Lin Dan 21 15 21 16 after 40minutes.


Next up for me will be Beligium Open in September so i have a good training period right now and im feeling good and confident after playing well at the worlds. I will be back in Dublin next weekend for a very special birthday party ☺ i will write about that later as i cant say much more right now.


I would like to thank all of you who support me through facebook and twitter. It means a lot to me and i am very thankful.