19 Jan 2012 - A new year and a new man…

Well I am very glad that 2011 is over after having a tough year regarding badminton. I certainly think I had a bad year and I was glad to go into 2012. 1 of the major bad periods for me was in November when I received a black card in a quarterfinal match in Norway.


I have never felt lower and more disappointed in myself before. After receiving that card I had quite a few days without much food and without much sleep. It took some time for me to put this thought towards the back of my head and try to push on with training and playing but I had a lot of problems when it came to my matches that the thought kept coming back to me.


I spent many hours thinking of ways to deal with it and things I should do to change how I behave on court as something needed to change because in my eyes receiving a black card, there is something wrong going on. I was lucky enough to get a opportunity to meet with a highly rated mental coach which 1 of my best friends here in Denmark is using. I met him for the 1st time on the 23rd December. I had been told before this meeting that we would sit down and have a talk and after he would then decide if he thought it was right for me and him to work together.


After 1 hour he said ok I think its enough for today as we spoke about quite a few things and he felt that 1 hour was enough for 1 day. Suddenly 2 hours after that we then ended our first meeting. Since that day I feel like I have changed in many ways. I am delighted to have met this guy and delighted that after our first meeting he said he would love to work with me.


I had a great Christmas in Denmark with my girlfriend and her family and on the 26th December I started my 15-day crazy physical program, which I loved every minute of. I had my first tournament last week in Estonia where I lost in the semifinal. I had to retire as I had hurt my wrist in my quarterfinal match, which got worse and worse the more I played. I came home on Sunday and had treatment the same day and Monday.


It has been getting better and better each day so I am ready to leave for Sweden tomorrow to play Swedish Open. Today I also received the final decision from BWF that I would get a fine for the black card in Norway. I am of course very happy with that, as it could have been a lot worse.


I am glad that BWF could see that even though the situation is not very good, it has been very positive for me as I have learnt so much from this experience and I feel like I go improve my badminton came in the long run. I would like to thank a lot of people who have stood by me even when I have made mistakes and when things haven’t been going so well.


All you of out there know exactly who you are. I would like to thank Badminton Ireland for the constant support and also badminton Europe and BWF for there support.