15 Feb 2012 - 7th National Title

Just back from winning my 7th national singles title in a row. I love winning this tournament and i will be going after the record thats for sure. I heard while i was in Ireland for the weekend that the record was 8 so i will be going for that next year!!


It was very nice to be back in Ireland with my family for a couple of days. I dont get to see them that much and especially not during the Olympic qualifying year so those few days where great. Im back in Denmark now and i have 2 team matches for my club this week. I am having a bit of pain in my shoulder and ankle at the moment so i will be getting a lot of treatment this week so i am ready for Thomas Cup next week and for the last run of tournaments before the Olympic qualification period finishes. I feel like my game has changed a lot recently for the better. Like i said before, i had a bad year in 2011 and i wanted to change that around and i have done everything possible to make that happen. I am looking forward to the next couple of months and next couple of tournaments.


Thanks for all the support.