26 Aug 2010 - World Championships Paris 2010

Well unfortunately i lost my match on tuesday against  Hsuan Yi Hsueh in two sets. I lost 21 16 21 14. I had never seen him before and I had watched a video of him play on monday and I really thought that his level was not that high after watching the video. So when i went in there i got a big surprise as he was very good and his attack was absolutely insane.


I have played 5 of the top players in the world in my career and not one of them is hitting the shuttle as hard as this guy. I have not played Taufik before but i am sure this guy is attacking harder. Anyway i did feel that i played well. I fought hard and tried everything i could to get into the game and get the right tactic to beat him. I started off playing fast and keeping the speed high but he was taking everything so high at the net and hitting hard on 95% of everything i played to the back court. Towards the end of the first set i changed my game a bit and tried to take the speed out of the game. Making high clears and high lifts and really not attacking much and i did manage to get back into the game but he still managed to get into good attacking positions and absolutely hammer the shuttle down. I fought hard in the 2nd set aswel.. but i just couldnt seem to get a good run of points going at all during the match. But thats how it goes sometimes.


I am not disappointed with how i played but ofcourse i am dissappointed about the result. Not to worry... I started back training today and played a lot of sets with my friend Ville Lang from Finland. Tomorrow i will go to the French National Center and trian with the french players. I will try to get as many matches as possible here in Paris before i travel back to Denmark friday night. I would like to thank you all who have supported me on my facebook page.. its always a great feeling to read the comments so keep them coming. I will update again when i get back from Paris and let you know how these days have gone.


Many thanks again