20 Jul 2010 - Vancouver and now on to LA

Well a little update after my trip to Vancouver and now i am here in LA. Last week was hard for me.. to travel a long way and not perform well. I really thought hard about my match and thought about what i need to change and what i need to do better to be ready for US Open this week.


I went straight back to training the morning after my match and was back into 100% focus. I felt that last week i had not had enough match practise and my touch on court was not up to stratch so after losing in the 1st round i focused on trying to get that “feeling” or “touch” back that i felt i missed in my match. I felt i did some great training after my match and i feel now that i am ready for tomorrow. I worked on building my confidence last week aswel.. being positive to myself during the practise and it has helped. I will for sure be much better at being postive tomorrow during my match which will help me be more relaxed when i play. I will play tomorrow at 10am local time against David Obernosterer from Austria.


I hope to update tomorrow with some good news..