05 Aug 2010 - Us Open

Hey everyone, Sorry for the late  update here. My laptop was not working well so i couldnt save any blog updates until i got back and got it fixed. So i have all that sorted now and now its time to write a bit about how it went in US Open.


Well I was quite lucky with the draw at US Open.. I met a player from Austria in the first round who i had never met before. I had trained as hard as i could considering the circumstances in Canada and did manage to gain some confidence but i was really looking for just a win in this match to get myself going again. I felt like i played ok but again not to the standard that I would like but at the end of the day i won and that is the most important thing. I tried a lot of things in the match to try get used to the hall and I tried to build my confidence and in some ways this worked and in other ways it did not work. I managed to gain some confidence but i also some how then made the match more difficult for myself and really felt under pressure at the end of the 2nd set.. how and ever i closed out the match and that put me into the 2nd round. Here I would again meet another player from Austria. Monday was a long day as I played my first match at 10 o clock in the morning and I was due to play my 2nd round match at 8 o clock in the evening. It turned out that I played my 2nd round match at 1015 at night.


The matches had started at 9 o clock in the morning and the organisation allowed 30mins per match which is absolutely terrible. It is very rare that a match will be played under 30 minutes... including walking on court.. warm up.. and getting off court. It ended up that the last match was put on court at 1125 in the evening which is just a joke. But at the end of the day nothing can be done about that so you just have to except it and deal with it. I went on court feeling a bit tired as i had been awake since 7 in the morning and didnt manage a nap during the day but I did feel ready and confident. I started off well and with a big lead i suddenly got a bad line call from the umpire which made me a little bit mad due to the fact the umpire was so far wrong it was gone past being funny. That actually made things better for me as i got angry and suddenly lifted the speed of the match to a totally new level which the Austrian could now follow. It was also great for me to get up to that speed as it was what i had been looking for ever since i arrived out to Canada. I suddenly had found what i had been missing and that spirred me on a huge amount and I ended up playing quite well and winning the match quite easy and putting myself into the 3rd round of US Open. Here I would meet the number 4 seed and olympic quarter finalist. I have only ever played him in training before and there i lost in 3 sets.  I started well in this match.. I was attacking extremely well and he had no chance to defend my smash and i won the first set 21 6. I tried to keep this tempo for the 2nd set but i then started to make some mistakes and suddenly my attack was not working so well and that frustrated me. I then tried to force the shuttle around the court all the time instead of being patient and ofcourse then mistakes come. I ended up losing the next 2 sets quite easy and losing in the 3rd round.


All in all I was happy with making the 3rd round but I was not satisfied with how i played. I was due to stay in US for another 6 days to play for a team there in some exhibition matches but i decided to change my plane ticket and travel back to Denmark so that i would get an extra weeks training in before the World Champs in Paris at the end of August. This has proved to be a great decision as i really feel good at the moment. I have been working extremely hard on all area’s of my game. This last week the 3 French singles players have been here to so that we can train together for preperation for the Worlds. It has been great to have these guys over for something new in the training. Brice the number 1 from France will stay an extra week to train with me and the other 2 guys will travel home tomorrow and they will have some training in Paris.


Anyway that is all from me now.. The draw for the Worlds will be out on the 10th. I will do a blog after that :)


Many thanks for reading