02 Jun 2010 - Training Training Training!!!

Firstly sorry for not updating in the last few weeks.. i have been pretty busy with my new training program.. and also my internet has not been the most consistant the last few weeks.. anyway.... to start it off.. the exhibition was great. hk and i had a great time that evening.. i hope everyone who came to watch enjoyed it as much as we did!!! i arrived back to denmark sunday evening late after spending the weekend in dublin, and my new training program started 9 o clock monday morning.


I have been given a new training program for the next 9 weeks.. were i have a lot of physical training. monday tuesday and wed mornings on court is mostly physical work. monday friday and saturday is physical in the gym.. thursday and friday mornings is games and other exercises and tuesday and thursday evenings is playing matches. so as you can see i have been pretty busy and also been very tired as i am working very hard  but everything is going well... i have a tournament coming up in 2weeks in holland.. there i will be going to get some match practise and not setting any goals as i am in a very difficult training period right now.. so i cant expect to play my best but ofcourse i will go there and give everything i can. this training period is now so i can improve my level... i dont have many tournaments coming up so its a perfect time to get alot of training in. i need these hard training periods if i want to keep improving my level and achieve my goals. 


so that is all i have been doing the last 2 - 3 weeks.. i have had 2 team matches.. the last 2 of the year.. we won 1 match and lost the other but we are safe for next season. we are staying in the elite league which is a great result for us!! 


thats all from me now... i will update again soon with some news on how things are going!!!