30 Jun 2010 - Romania Open

Hey everyone, I have just arrived back to denmark after a good 4 days in Romania. I have never played there before so i didnt know what to expect when i arrived but i must say it was a great tournament. The hall was well organised and the hotel was very nice!! In Romania i was seeded 2nd and i met Sebastian Rduch from Germany in the 1st round.. I had never played him before but i new his style of play was very defence. I started out great.. attacking a lot when i had my chance otherwise waiting for my chance.. I took the first set 21 12. In the 2nd i continued playing well.. very focused and creating a lot of chances for myself.. i was leading 16-10 and feeling very comfortable. All of a sudden it was 17-15 and he was back in the game.. i let him back because my focus had dropped. I was able to close out the 2nd 21 18 and that put me in the 2nd round.


Next up i would meet an old friend of mine from Canada called Alex Pang. I lived and trained with Alex in Germany a  few years ago at the BWF camp. It was a siminlar type of game to my first round.. i won the 1st set quite easy 21 10 and was again leading 17 11 in the 2nd and again i let my opponent back in the game. In the end i closed it out and won 21 18 and that put me into the quater final.


Next up was Marcel Reuter from Germany who i have played many times before. I played him in German open a few weeks ago where i won in 2 sets. This time in Romania it took me 3 sets to put him down. 21 13 16 21 21 14 was the score and it was a very long game. The first set i was completely in control and he didnt have a chance. The 2nd set changed around totally.. he was in control and leading quite a lot until i fought back hard and reached within 3 points of him.. but he managed to close the 2nd. The 3rd set was exciting.. i was losing 11 10 at the break.. and from there i won 10 points in a row to lead 20 11 and ended up closing the 3rd 21 14. I was extremely happy with how i finished that game and that gave me a lot of confidence going into my semi final.. my first of 2010!!


Later that day i would meet Zi Liang Derek Wong from Singapore. He was seeded 5 in this tournament and his style of play was 100% attacking.. Hitting hard on every shot from the back of the court and moving extremely fast. I knew that i needed to be ready in my defence if i was going to win this match.. it was another monster of a game... 2 in 1 day and i managed to win both.. i new my fitness was good after that!!! i won in 3 sets... 23 21 22 24 21 17. I did have 2 match points in the 2nd set but i was not able to close it and i had to take the 3rd to finish the match and go to the final. I was absolutely delighted with my 2 results on the day but i also new when i woke up sunday morning that saturday had taken a lot out of me.. but i was for sure going to give everything i had in the final as it had been a while since i played a final. Unfortunately the final didnt go my way.. i fought with everything i had.. but it wasnt enough on sunday. I lost 21 19 21 11 against Kay Bin Yeoh from Malaysia. To take the positives out of that tournament was that i played very well in all my matches and 2 very close games in the quarter and semi final..


Next up for me in Dutch open in 2 weeks time... lets hope i can continue my form on to that tournament where i am seeded 5!!


thanks for all the support