30 Jun 2010 - Preparing for my trip to Canada and US

Hey everyone, Well its been a while since i last did a blog update.. a lot of things have been going on recently. I have had an injury in my foot since after the European champs in Manchester in April. That is fully better now and i am back into 100% training. It did cause me to have a couple of weeks off from badminton as the pain was not going away at all but thankfully now it is fully recovered!!


I have been back training now for 3 weeks and the last 3 weeks my main goal has been to get back into the best shape i have been.. i have been doing a lot of running, a lot of strenght training and a lot of on court physical training. I have 3 weeks from now till the tournament is starting so i will start to work on court again and getting as best prepared as possible for my 2 tournaments in Canada and US. I have some good news also.. i have signed a deal with a company called Silver Hatch Sports. They are a sport agent company and they will do there best to promote and help me with sponsorships from now on. I am delighted to have signed a deal with them and i look forward to working along side them in the future.


I will update again soon when the draw for canada is released!!


Many Thanks