02 Jun 2010 - Norwegian Open

Im in Norway this week competing in the International Challenge rated Open here. These tournaments are always pretty tough with sometimes two matches in one day and that was the case today. In my opening match I played Kasper Ispen of Denmark. I had a lot of confidence going into this game as I have been playing well lately. I also beat Kasper 4 weeks ago in a team match so I knew I could beat him and on top of that I have been training very well lately. I have been working on a lot of things that are helping my game and helping my confidence. I new what I needed to do to beat Kasper and my tactic worked perfectly I stuck to my game plan, remained very focused and came out on the right side of a 21-16 21-8 win.


In the second round which was also played today I played Lester Oey from The Netherlands. The match started off close and there was never more that a point in it,sometimes I was leading and sometimes Lester was. After the break I was leading 14 12 and I could really feel that Lester was struggling to keep up with the speed in the rallies. He started to made the mistakes which I knew would happen and it was just a matter of being patient and taking my chances which I did and I took the first set 21-14.


In the second set I was in complete control and leading 17-10. For some reason I got very nervous and he started to come back at me. He got it back to only 2 behind at 18-16 and at 19-17 I took control again and ended the match with two good rallies winning 21-17.


Tomorrow I play Christian Lind Thompsen of Denmark in the quarter final and Im really looking forward to that now.


I will let you all know how that goes.


All the best