23 Dec 2010 - My injury and Irish Open…

Again I have left it some time since I have been writing a blog. Normally I don’t have an excuse at all for leaving such long periods but I think this time I have reasons for such a delay. There has been a lot of things going on in my world since just after Norwegian Open where I pulled out due to my ankle injury. Obviously I had a period of just physical work because I couldn’t do any on court training for nearly 10 days. This was of course not the best preparation for the Irish Open but again there was nothing I could do.


My injury with my ankle has happened before so this time I had to make sure that I got strength back before going on court again. I didn’t want to rush into it like I have before. I don’t want this injury to keep happening so this time I took the time I felt I needed to get it strong again before I went into on court training. I have also been having some issue’s regarding my training which has been playing on my mind. It has caused me to have some bad nights sleep and I have felt I have not been able to fully concentrate on my game which of course coming up to my favourite tournament of the year is terrible. But these things happen and I just need to get better at leaving them outside the court when I do go in and play. That is for sure an area I have to really improve on if I want to move to the next level.


Irish open first round I came up against the Canadian number 1 David Snider. I have never played him before but I do know his game and he is very defensive. He likes to play the shuttle around and play long rallies and he doesn’t come with that much attack. I went in and actually played quite well. I was actually a little bit surprised at how I played as I hadn’t really had a great training period up to this tournament. I won quite easy in 2 sets and put myself in the 2nd round against a young Swedish played called Gabriel Uldalh. I have never played him before and I totally under-estimated him. After feeling good in the first and getting a lot of confidence I really thought I wouldn’t have any problems in this game and went in way too light mentally. This caused me to get a bad start and I just found it extremely difficult to get back into the game. I tried playing long rallies but I couldn’t get a good rhythm at all. I tried going all out attack and forced it far too much and made errors. I tried playing defensive but struggles to return his slices and stick smashes. I fought till the end trying everything I could but lost in 2 sets.


I was very disappointed with this result but if I think about it I didn’t have much training before the tournament so I was for sure not in my best shape. Sometimes that is just how things are and I have to deal with them the best I can. I stayed in Ireland for a week after the Irish open and training badminton once a day and did a physical session once a day. I need to cut down on my badminton a little bit over Christmas and focus more on my physical training and weight training. Monday 20th I had a team match in Copenhagen where Gentofte played team Aarhus. Here I came up against world number 10 jan o Jorgensen.


The last time I played jan was last year in a team match where I won in 3 sets. I played a good 1st set and won 24 22 and then jan pulled out. He said he had an injury and didn’t want to make it worse by continuing on. We ended up winning the match overall 4 – 2 which moved us to 7th in the league table which means we now avoid relegation and will play for a spot in the quarter finals. This is absolutely fantastic for us and we are all delighted. I am now in Ireland continuing my physical training. I will be here over Christmas and will travel back to Copenhagen on the 27th to resume training again.


I want to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year. I hope 2011 will be a great year for myself and for all of you out there who constantly support me through the good and bad times and who are always there for me. There are no words to describe what that means to me and I really do appreciate it.


Thanks again :)