21 Apr 2011 - Leaving these blogs an awful long time

I have to apologise again for not getting any writing done. I guess all i can say is that sometimes i have the feeling that i have nothing to say and then i dont have the feeling that i want to write.


A lot has gone on in the last couple of months for me and now i feel like its time to put some of it down. After having a fantastic christmas back in Dublin with my family i flew back to Denmark to begin training again on the 27th. I had arranged with some friends here in Copenhagen to eat dinner and celebrate the new year here. In early January i traveled to England to Milton Keynes to train with the English national team for 2 weeks. It was fantastic to be there and to have all the facilities you need right there infront of you. Thats not something i have been used to in my career.


For example.. if you got injured while your training..a physio and doctor would be on the court with you in less than 1 minute after you injured yourself. Thats just 1 example.. I could say quite a few more!! Then came Feb and ofcourse Feb means nationals. This year was the 6th year in a row i have won. The nationals weekend for me is just to go there.. get the job done.. and home again!! Nothing more to it really. I cant improve my game that much by playing in the nationals.. so thats why i have that approach to it!! I was back in Milton Keynes again in Feb training for a week and getting ready for a busy busy March. I played 3 tournaments in March. German Open, All England and Swiss Open. I felt i played well in all 3 tournaments considering i had a big problem with my ankle/foot and was taking pain killers to play.


I know this is not an clever thing to do but i wanted to play and decided to do it. After Swiss Open i had a lot of pain in my ankle/foot and decided to take a week off training and only doing technique in the mornings and some biking 3 days that week. I tried to practise the following monday and it was still painful so me and my coach made the decision to have 7 days off from on court training. The only training i would do would be technique every morning and biking so that i dont put any pressure or strain on my ankle/foot at all. 2 weeks ago i decided to go with having a Cortisone injection. This was a tough decision for me as i have never needed or had anything like this in my career before. Even tho it is only maybe a small thing it was difficult for me at times to accept it and deal with it.


After having the injection i had 5 days totally off.. doing nothing at all.. that was also insanely difficult for me. After having 5 days off i began again with technique in the morning and easy biking and each day i built it up more and more.. i have now been back to full training for 6 days and not having any problems at all with my ankle/foot. I am delighted with the result. No pain in my ankle/foot anymore and i had nearly 3 weeks of technique and physical to really work on my game a lot. It has gone extremely well and if there is ever a good time for an injury break.. im happy that it has been now and not in 5 months time. I worked extremely hard on my technique over those 3 weeks and i feel my game has improved because of it.


So now i am back to full training and loving every moment of it.. after having quite some time off i have ofcourse had the chance to recharge all my batties which really i dont let them happen much. The last time i took a holiday for more than 2 weeks was just after i finished my junior cert.. quite some time ago :-P Next up for me is Danish International at the beginning of May. I will do everything i can do be ready for this tournament.


Thanks for reading and thanks for all the support to you all!!