11 Jul 2010 - Hello from Vancouver...

Well now I am here after a long day of traveling. I started my day on Friday morning at 5 o clock.. First I had a 2 hour flight from Copenhagen to London. After the 2 hour flight I had a 2 hour wait in London before taking my flight to Vancouver which took 9 hours. I was not really looking forward to the flight but in the end it worked out fine. It seemed very short actually as i slept 3 or 4 times for around an hour each time. That and watching some movies was a good way to pass time!!! I arrived in the hotel here at 1400 on Friday afternoon and I met my friend Martin Bille and we decided we would do some training. After relaxing 1 hour i went to the gym and went for a light run for 15mins just to get my legs moving again and then at 1730 I went to the badminton hall and trained with Martin for 45mins.


I think it is a great way to get over the jetlag and get the tired feeling out of your body. After training and eating some dinner I was in bed at 20.00 and fast asleep at 2030. I had a great sleep at woke up this morning 0730 :-) I already feel like i am over the jetlag and the tired feeling is gone. Today Saturday I have been training this morning with Martin and my 3 friends from France. We arranged a match session and played games for 1 hour 30mins. I think it was very important for me coming up to this tournament that I play as many sets as possible to get a good feeling of playing.


My training period the last 2 months has been mostly focused on physical training. I have been running a lot, a lot of strenght training and only footwork and exercises on court. This is so i am in top shape for the Worlds in August.


Anyway that is just a quick update since I arrived here... I will update again just before the Canadian Open starts!!!


2010 Pro League - Sunday, July 25th - 4:00 pm  (Los Angeles Badminton Club)

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Many thanks