23 Oct 2010 - Funny Story from Dutch Open…

On Wednesday evening after I came back from my late night match I decided to have a cold bath. I sometimes do it as I feel it helps my legs to recover. I got back to my room at 12 o'clock Wednesday night and turned on the bath and switched the tap to as cold as it would go and went into the bedroom to stretch some more before getting into the bath.


I was doing the same at Czech Open a couple of weeks ago and the bath there took forever to fill up so I didn't really look at the water for a while because I had the feeling it would take ages. I then checked and it was half way over the overflow pipe so I ran into the bathroom and turned it off. I went back into my room to finish off my stretch and during the next 5minutes Sam came back and we just talked about the match a bit.. suddenly there was a huge bang on the door and me and Sam looked at each other and thought WHAAAT... I was actually without clothing at the time but still decided to go to the door and answer it as for some reason I had a feeling it was Jim at the door. I then opened the door and there was a tall, bold Dutch man standing at the door shouting "I NEED TO COME IN" "WHATS HAPPENING?!?" "IT IS RAINING IN THE ROOM BELOW YOU" and he tried to come into the room... I said wait wait wait.. I don't have any clothes on.. so he said ok put some clothes on quickly I need to come in. So I ran and put something on and ran back to the door and let him in and he ran into the bathroom.


Our overflow pipe was broken so when I let the water go half way over it all the water was running down the walls and down into the room below us instead of into the pipes. All outside our room in the main corridor was floor was soaking wet and it started coming into our room all along side the wall were the bath is so our floor was soaking. The room below us had rain for 15minutes J I stood talking to the guy about it and we started to laugh that someone in the room below had called saying "its raining, its raining in our room" haha!! He then put his hand into the bath to put the plug back in once the water was quite a bit lower than the overflow pipe and felt how cold the water was and turned to me and started laughing again... he said - your insane... what are you doing? That water is absolutely freezing!!! Are you out of your mind?! I then had to explain to him the reason for it..


What a Wednesday night we had!!!