27 Nov 2010 - French Open and the last 3 weeks

Well it has been 1 month since i wrote my last blog. A lot has been happening in the last month. I will start with French Open. Last year I lost first round of qualification to the Swedish number one Henri Hurskainen. This year I was straight into the main draw and I played Brice Leverdez from France. I have played Brice quite a few times as we have been training together quite a lot in the past. The last time Brice and I met was in Dutch Open a few years ago and Brice won in 2 sets. Brice had been playing well making 2 finals over the summer in Canada Open and US Open so I new this game was going to tough. I also new that this was his home court and there is always a lot of supporters in the stadium.


The match started off quite well.. playing some good rallies and both trying to get the attack when we could. The supporters were pretty loud and cheering for Brice and that was exciting to have going on. I thought about it a little too much in the 1st set and i think thats what gave him the edge. The 2nd set went his way from the beginning.. and Brice had a 15 12 lead and from then on i found my game and just went as hard as i could till the end. I won the 2nd set 21 16.  The 3rd set i played well and always seemed to be in control. I had the lead from the very beginning to the end. I won the 3rd 21 14. I was delighted with the win as it was my first win against Brice in a tournament and my first win in a super series main draw. I was also alone in Paris as Jim stayed in Copenhagen so that was something that has not happened that much in the past and it was something i had to deal with. Thankfully i had 1 of my very good friends hk vittinghus there to help me out and he helped a lot. So cheers for that mate J savage!!!


Next up was Raj Ouseph from England. I had not played Raj since Europeans back in April. Raj has also had some pretty good results lately.. winning US Open and Silver medal in CW games. I new this would be a tough match. I lost in 2 sets... I never got into the match at all and Raj didnt give me the chance either. I fought as much as i could but it wasnt to be. So that was the end of French Open for me.. I was not totally satisfied with how i played overall but i was still happy with beating Brice and getting over the hurdle of winning a match in Super Series. After Paris i went back to Dublin to relax for a few days and see my family and friends. Paris was the 3rd week in a row I had been traveling and playing tournaments.. It can get quite tiring and you also miss a lot of training which in the end catches up on you. Sunday 7th November I came back to Copenhagen as i had a team match for my club on the 9th November so i needed to be as ready as i could be.


Unfortunately i was not there at all for the match... i think mentally and physically i was not even close to being ready and that cost me my match. Luckily my team mates played fantastic and we managed to get a point out of the match. I took a day off after that match as i needed to mentally get back to where i needed to be before i started training again. The weekend of the 13th/14th came and i was traveling again and this time to England to meet the Leinster Team and play for them in the English Premier B county league. Thinking back now it was probably not the best decision i made as i had already traveled so much before that and it would have been good to have a weekend in Copenhagen to relax and just to be at home and not have to go anywhere. In saying that i am also happy i went as i got to spend some time with my friends who i dont get to spend so much time with.


The badminton was not so difficult so it was not so much that, it was more the fact that i just had to travel again. I still had a fantastic weekend with the team and i will for sure go again..  I will just need to be better at planning these things. I came back late sunday night and I had been having some pain in my left hip since French Open so monday morning i was getting treatment because i had to play another match for my club tuesday 16th. My hip was sorted by tuesday night but during the match i twisted my ankle and i had to retire. This is an injury i have had a few times before but i had not done it since 2008 before the Olympic’s.. I was due to travel to Norway on thursday to play but i decided to withdraw as firstly my ankle would not be 100% and secondly it is an injury i have had before so its important i treat it properly and give it the time it needs to get better and i need to build up the strenght again.


The last week and a bit i have been having a lot of physio on my ankle and been in the gym quite a lot keeping my fitness up by biking and doing a lot of strenght training for my body and also my ankle. I have been doing some light technique in the hall just to keep hitting as its important so that when i do come back it hasnt been 10 days without playing any badminton. I had another team match 25th and as time got closer to the match it wasnt looking like i would be able to play. I went to the physio thursday morning and she has said that because i had been treating it so well and because i have been in the gym strenghening it, i could in fact play. So i decided to play as i needed to for my team as this was a match we needed to get 3 points out of. I was last match on and at that time we were leading 3 – 1 and both mens singles were on court.


My team mate Morten Kronborg played a great match and won to make the match 4 – 1 with still my match on court. That meant we had already gotten the 3 points so i decided to retire from my match at 1 set all as i could feel some pain in my ankle and because we had just won the match it was important for me to win my match. Ofcourse i would have liked to played on and won but i had to think about my ankle and think about making sure i dont damage it even more. So i took that decision and the match ended 4 – 2 to Gentofte and that gave us the 3 points. It is now saturday 27th and my ankle is feeling great. It is getting better day by day and i am looking forward to the Irish Open. I will travel back to Dublin on the 3rd December and start training in Baldoyle before playing my first match Friday 10th December. I hope to see everyone in baldoyle.. all the support would be great :)


Thanks for reading...