30 Jun 2010 - European Championships

Hey everyone, well.. what an interesting (nearly 2 weeks) trip to Manchester... i will start with the badminton.. another fantastic tournament for me (in some ways). I had a bye in my 1st round so i was already in the 2nd round and i would meet the 7th seed from Holland Eric Pang. I have played Eric quite a few times before and i have never beaten him. I have been in 3 sets most of the time.. so it has always been close.. but this time was different.. this time i came out on top... i played a great match... until the end of the 2nd.. i got quite nervous when i was leading.. and let him back into the game.. and actually he had 3 set points... but i came back and took and won the set and the match 21 10 23 21. I was extremely happy with that win and that put me into the 3rd round against Kestutis Navickas from Lithuania.


I have not played him that much.. the last time we played was in Surdiman Cup in Glasgow where i lost in 2 sets. This time was different.. i won very confortably in 2 sets... 21 12 21 10. I was in total control the whole way through from the beginning to the end. I did have a little incident in the 1st set.. where i “jigged” my foot forward.. and hurt it. I had to take a few mins to try walk around on it and put some weight on it.. when i first did it.. i couldnt put any weight on it at all.. but after walking around a bit.. it started to ease up but i could still feel it. After the match i put some ice on it and some cream to ease it out..


Quarter final stage in the Europeans.. 1 match away from getting a medal... 1 of my dreams!! I would play against 4th seed from England Rajiv Ouseph. The last time we played was in the all englands 2 years ago.. where i won in 3 sets... I was very confident going into this match.. i was not the favourite and he was also on home court.. more pressure for him. I started out fantastic... winning the 1st 21 15 and in control.. the 2nd set was a fight all the way... i did have a lead of 14 10.. but raj managed to get back and we fought all the way to the end.. at 1 stage i had a match point... but i was not able to close it out.. on the match point we had a rally that lasted at least 2 minutes long.. it was insane!!! I ended up losing the 3rd 21 12 and i miss out of getting that medal and the semi final place. I was devastated.. but again.. “i put myself in that position”.. thats the 1 line i will say to myself 10000 times... i am giving myself the chances now.. and i am doing it more regularly that before.. it is difficult to deal with in some ways.. because ofcourse i am so dissappointed i didnt win.. but again.. i had 2 great wins in the previous rounds.. and put a great performance on in the quarter final. I did everything i could.. thats all i can ask of myself..


i was due to play in Finnish open the following week but i withdrew from the tournament because my foot was hurting quite a bit and also the ash cloud was restricting us from flying. Our trip home from Manchester was and probably will be THE BIGGEST JOKE of a trip i will ever do.. we left the hotel on monday mid-day by bus.. drove to Crystal Palace, London.. stayed there for what was meant to be 3hours but turned out to be 9 hours.. drove from Crystal Palace to Dover.. took the boat from Dover to Calai.. and take the bus from Calai to Copenhagen.. i walked into my apartment 4 o clock wednesday morning... what an unbelievable trip!!!!!!


thanks for the support everyone.. it really means a lot.