30 Jun 2010 - Dutch Open

Well well well.. what can i say... i just got home from another unbelievable tournament where  i played fantastic yet again. Unfortunately i lost in the final again.. which i am ofcourse very disappointed with.. but i have to look at this as being very positive.. i am not putting myself in the position to win these tournaments. My 2nd final in 2 tournaments.. i have to be happy with that!!


I started out on Friday with 2 good solid wins.. beating 2 English players. 1st up was Harry Wright who i have only played once before in the irish open quarter final where i won in 3 sets. This time i destroyed him.. i won 21 11 21 11. I played great.. he had no chance from the 1st point to the last.. that was that and me into the 2nd round against Ben Beckman. Ben has been playing pretty well recently. He won a tournament in Croatia and did quite well in Romania also.. I was aware that Ben could play well and he has quite a good attack.. but again he had no chance.. i was playing very well and in complete control all the way through.. winning the game 21 15 21 8.


Next up for me was Arvind Bhat from india who was seeded 2. I have never played Arvind before but he is a good player.. ranked inside top 35 in the world and he has had a number of good results under his belt. That only made me more ready and more up for the game as i love to be underdog.. and it worked well for me again.. We had a monster of a game.. over 1 hour long... i won the 1st 23 21.. lost the 2nd set after having a few match point 28 26.. and i managed to run him down in the 3rd.. that is saying something when you run an indian down.. as to us in the badminton world.. the indians fitness levels are extremely good.. i won the 3rd 21 15. He was dead at the end.. i was moving the shuttle around so well.. playing at a high speed and attacking every chance i got.. and he could not follow. Great for me and another semi final...


Semi final i played against Kasper Ipsen. I have played kasper many many times before.. we normally have long hard games.. apart from the last 2 matches we have played.. i have won in 2 sets quite easy in both. I went into this match having the same feeling i have had the last couple of weeks.. confident, patient and up for a fight. I won in 2 sets 21 17 21 11 and another final for me. There has been 1 thing through this tournament i felt i had improved a huge amount since Romania which is closing out the game.. not letting my opponent get any extra points when i have game points or match points.. I am finishing it and finishing it off well.. where as in Romania.. i seemed to let my opponents scrap a few points every time i had a set or match point.


My 2nd final in 2 tournaments.. this time i will play my friend from Denmark Rune Ulsing. I have trained with rune many times before and i have also played him quite a few times in tournaments and i was yet to beat him. Today was not my day to beat him either.. i new rune was tired and i new that i was fitter than him.. so my plan was to make the rallies long and make the match as long as possible. I tried to do that and in some ways it worked but in others it didnt.. as i like to attack.. and i was getting a little frustrated in parts of the game because i was not really attacking at all.. which caused me to make mistakes.. it was still a very close game and i did have my chances in both sets.. but i didnt take them and i lost 23 21 22 20. Another 2nd place... and already moved on to 1 of my big goals for the year.. the European champs in Manchester.


Thanks all for the huge amount of support again this week.. it helps a lot!!!