18 Aug 2010 - Draw for World Championships 2010

Hey everyone, Well the draw is out now.. The tournament will start on monday.I will play on Tuesday at 11:10. Up first i will meet a guy from Chinese Taipei called Hsuan Yi Hsueh.


I have never played him before and I have checked his results on Tournament software and he has not played that many tournaments. It will be interesting match and I am for sure looking forward to it. How it works at the World Champs is that Monday and Tuesday will be the first rounds in all events. If you play Monday you will have Tuesday off. If you play Tuesday you ofcourse will then play again on Wednesday. I actually think it is better to play Tuesday and then again Wednesday without the day in between. Last year in India I played my first match on Monday and then I had a day in between my next match.


I felt that it was not good as I missed out on playing in the hall for 1 day and in these big arena’s that does not help. So I am very glad that I am playing my first match on Tuesday. I have been training extremely hard since I returned home from Canada and US. I am in good shape and feeling strong so now I am just looking forward to arriving in Paris and getting some practise in the main hall. I am leaving Copenhagen on Saturday so I will arrive in good time.


That’s all for now :)


Thanks for reading and I will update again soon