Danish Open 2010

Nov 02

Hey everyone, This was my 3rd time playing in the main draw of Denmark Open Super Series. This time i was up against another Indian called Kashyap. I had never played him before but i had played a number of other Indians in the past couple of weeks and most of them have the same style of play, some just better than others. Kashyap just won a bronze medal at the recent Commonwealth Games beating his team match Chetan Anand to get 3rd place.


I knew he was playing well and i had seen him play a few times before so i new his game. I started the game at full speed... and not long after that i was losing 11 4 at the break. I talked with my coach and we decided that i needed to change my game plan as Kashyap had totally changed his. He was not attacking at all. I decided to go in after the break and be as patient as i could but also keeping the speed high because i new that he would give me chances if i kept the pace high. I gave it everything i could in the first set but it just didnt go my way.. every time i created a chance i either made a mistake or gave him an easy chance and he then just finished it. I lost the first 21 11. I was a lot more tense in this match than i had been in the last 2 tournaments so i decided to change my tactic again in the 2nd set and just defend.


I wanted him to come with anything he had and i would just get everything back over the net and it worked. I just made some mistakes at crucial points in the 2nd set which i hadnt been doing in Dutch Open the week before and i was unlucky and lost the 2nd 22 20. I did feel that i had the right game plan in the 2nd but just didnt happen for me. I stayed in Odense till thursday night and drove back to Copenhagen and was up for training friday morning. I am leaving for Paris on monday morning very early. I have to wake up 530 monday morning to get out to the airport and check in with the Danish team at 645.


I will update again during French Open