07 Oct 2010 - Czech Open Final

Hey everyone, Well last week was an interesting and exciting week. Czech Open was the first time in quite a few years where i have played singles and doubles in the same tournament. The reason for me playing doubles was because Tony is away in India and i thought it would be fun to play a tournament with Sam and i also thought it would take my mind of the singles a little bit and that it did!! First up in the singles was Ashley Moss from Australia.


I have never played Ashley before and I watched him play the day before in the qualifying rounds. I beat Ashley 21 11 22 20. The 2nd set i was leading quite a lot and i relaxed too much and he found a rythem and came back.. I was actually down 20 19 in the 2nd but managed to close the set out and put myself into the 2nd round against a friend of mine called Martin Bille. The last time i played Bille i lost in 2 sets so i was looking forward to beating him J I beat Bille in 2 sets.. 21 16 21 18. I felt i played a lot better in this match than i did in my first match. I was more relaxed and could feel that i was getting a good feeling on the court. Beating Bille put me into the quarter final where i would meet Viktor Axelsen from Denmark. Viktor won the world junior title around 6 months ago and the last time we played Viktor won in 2 sets but pretty close. I was looking forward to meeting him and after winning a good game of doubles friday night with Sam i had a lot of confidence and i went into this game just focusing on playing as well as i could. I beat Viktor in 2 sets.. 21 19 21 14. I felt like i played well in this match... barely any mistakes at all... working extremely hard in my defence and making Viktor work very hard on each point.


Next up for me in the semi final was Rune Ulsing from Denmark. I have not beaten Rune in a tournament before. He has knocked me out in quite a few quarter finals.. a few semi finals and the last time we met he beat me in Dutch Open final. This time it was my time.. i beat Rune in 3 sets 21 17 15 21 21 14. I played very well and i was absolutely delighted with that win as i have no beaten Rune before. That put me into the final of the singles... I was also in the semi final of the doubles with Sam. We played some very good matches in Czech. In our 2nd round match we beat a very good pair from Poland. We had a bye in the 1st round which actually helped me quite a lot.. 1 less game to play!!! In the quarter final of doubles me and Sam beat the top French Pair quite easy in 2 sets.


Next up was the number 1 seeds in this tournament who came from England. We played a fantastic game and we were just unlucky at the end.. we lost 19 21 21 19 19 21. It could have gone either way at the end of the 3rd.. we were just unlucky it didnt go our way. So only 1 game left for me which was the mens singles final.. Unfortunately it was not meant to be for me.. After playing 7 games since friday morning on a very hard floor, when i woke up sunday morning i had big problems with my body.. mainly my back. Because the ground was so hard it took its toll on my body and i felt like my back had totally seized up and no matter what i did before my match on sunday i could not seem to loosen it out. I played against Ajay Jayaram from India who played very well all tournament and on sunday he continued his good form. I did everything i could to try get into the match but nothing seemed to go my way and i was restricted due to my back. I was still delighted to have played well all weekend and reached the final so now i look forward to my next tournament and continueing my form.


Next up for me is Dutch Open in 2 weeks time.


Thanks everyone for the support over the weekend.