15 Jul 2010 - Candian Open first round

Well tonight it didnt go so well for me.. I lost 21 18 15 21 12 9. I didnt feel good at all during the game not even in the 2nd set when i won 21 15. It is very strange as i have been feeling good in practise coming up to my match tonight. I have focused a lot on my physical side of the game right up to leaving for this trip and once i arrived here i focused fully on getting as many matches as possible as i didnt have many while i was training in denmark.

I thought this would be a good way to do things and i do still believe it is the right thing. I am very disappointed with how i played tonight. Its such a shame to fly all this way and not play well. I could feel that i was a little more nervous tonight then i usually am as it has been a while since i played a tournament and i feel i am missing this tournament feeling that i have when i play a lot of events. I think it be a lot better next week now that i have had a tournament under my belt.. Even tho i have lost tonight i will still be up early tomorrow and hitting the running machine and then the practise courts tomorrow evening. I have to get as best prepared as possible for next week in US where i have a good draw.

Many thanks and i will update again after a few days of practise

Thanks for reading