19 Sep 2010 - Been a while since my last blog....

Well its been some time since my last blog. I last updated here after my defeat at Bitburger Open and i that match is still on my mind in some kind of way. I should ofcourse should just forget about it and move on but for some reason i am finding it hard to do after this match.


It was just a very strange feeling to have to go into a tournament feeling that good and then not play even close to the level i feel i can reach. Many things could be part of why i did not play well but then again a lot of the reasons are things that i have no control over. 1 thing i have learnt from Bitburger is to control what i can.. as at the end of the day i cant control the uncontrolable... I need to be better at putting these issue’s aside when i enter the court and just play badminton and not think about them.. Since Bitburger I have some good matches which has been good for me. I have played 2 team matches for my club here in Denmark. My first match was against Peter Mikkelsen... 1 of the top players in Denmark and i absolutely “smoked” him 21 11 21 10. Then 3 days later I play against Peter Gade.. a guy who has been top 10 in the world for the last 12 years.. and I actually played a good match even tho i lost in 2 sets. After that team match i came back to Ireland for a weekend with a friend from my club and we took part in Mt Pleasant Open.


I thought it would be a good time to come home as i had not been home in quite some time and that weekend my coach and the players i train with where out at a tournament so i figured it was a perfect time. I invited my friend from my club to join me as it would give me the chance to train in Dublin while i was home. Sometimes i think its a good idea to change the location of training and its something i feel i need to look into more as it gives a new exciting feeling to training. Something so easy can help so much.. My next tournament is Czech Open. That is starting 30th September and I will actually play doubles which i have not done in a tournament in Europe in quite some time. I will play with Sam Magee as his partner is traveling to the commonwealth games and i thought it would be fun but also good for Sam to play some doubles. 


Anyway that is what i have been up to the last few weeks... I mite have a little bit of news coming out in the next few days... you need to check my facebook and twitter to catch it :)


Thanks all for reading