30 Sep 2010 - Autumn Open and Czech Open

Sorry for the delay in getting this blog up.. seems like my days are getting shorter and shorter. Last week i was back in Ireland to play Autumn Open. I decided to play this tournament for a few reasons. Firstly – I have never won Autumn Open before and i wanted to J and i figured that it would be a good lead up to Czech Open for some confidence. To me it doesnt really matter what kind of tournament it is.. If i win i will still get the same feeling. The last time i played it was when i was 15/16(i had my 16th birthday on the saturday of the tournament) I lost in the quarter final to Nigel Boyne in 3 sets.


I can remember the game very clearly J court 3 in whitehall road...  Secondly – I have been working a lot of my game in training since my last tournament in Germany and i felt like it would be perfect to try these new things at the weekend so that i have tried it once in a tournament before i play in Europe.  2 things i worked on – 1 - being more patient but still playing at a high speed. 2 – my defence. I felt pretty good with how i did regarding these 2 area’s and in that i gained confidence which is always a help going into a tournament. I arrived back to Copenhagen on Monday at 1530 and went directly to Gentofte to train for 1 hour. It was tough on monday as my i have “flying legs”.. but i just worked hard and got through it.. some times that just how it has to be... you wont feel great every day you go to train and when the days come that you dont feel great.. its there where you just fight as hard as you can and get through it.


Monday was one of those days.. and i felt i did well. Tuesday and wednesday i was back to my usual training and feeling good. I am excited about going to Czech tomorrow for a few reasons. 1 – i will play doubles for the first time in many years in a tournament in Europe. I will play with Sam because Tony is India playing Commonwealth Games. 2 - Jim will also stay in Copenhagen so me and Sam will travel together. We will both have to figure things out for ourselves this week because we wont have Jim’s help.. In my oppinion this is good for us sometimes because we have to learn it ourselves.. so it will be a good test. 3 – like i said i have things i have been practising in training and now i am just excited to get there and use them and see how i do with them.  You can follow the tournament on www.tournamentsoftware.com


I had my 23rd birthday on sunday and i would like to again thank everyone who wrote to me on my phone and on facebook. You all made my day extremely special. Thanks again.


I will update again over the weekend.