01 Sep 2010 - An early exit from Bitburger Open

What a nightmare... I lost this afternoon in 2 sets to Eetu Heino from Finland. I cant really understand what happened in there as I really felt good leading up to this week after last week.


I trained well over the weekend and worked hard and felt 100% ready this morning before my match. I for sure didnt play well in there.. i made mistakes on things i dont usually do.. smashing straight down the line.. 7 out of 10 went outside. I am not usually doing that.


My lifts were short almost all the time.. I played into his forehand 95% of the time which he absolutely loved and for some reason i kept doing. All these things were not good enough today. I find it so strange as my feeling before this tournament and from when i arrived was really really good. I maybe have too many things on my mind right now and going into my matches my mind is not clear and i am finding it hard to focus on my match.


This is something i have to get right as soon as possible and once i do i think i will be back playing very well again. Maybe it will take some time to get that right but i have already started working on them. Sometimes these things happen and it for sure is a terrible feeling but i have to remember the last time this happened and what came from that. When i lost 1st round in Swedish Open in January this year i was absolutely gutted but thinking back on that now.. it was one of the best things that happened to me because i learnt more from that match than any other match in my career.


Anyway, my plans for now is to stay here and support the other Irish players. Next week I have two team matches for my club. First up is on Tuesday and i will meet Peter Mikkelsen. I will again train hard over the weekend and do everything i can in my team matches and try to learn from my match this morning.


Thanks for all the support